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Bukit Jalil: One of the top searched areas in 2019

Situated at the southern edge of Kuala Lumpur’s central core – and sandwiched between the districts of Cheras and Puchong – is the suburb of Bukit Jalil.

Having been raised from a 1,800-acre rubber plantation to host the 16th Commonwealth Games in 1998, this compact neighbourhood now includes a manicured recreational park, a sprawling golf and country resort, the International Medical University, and a 100,000-seat multi-purpose stadium of National Stadium Bukit Jalil – a regular venue for the Malaysia Cup.

Bukit Jalil is highly accessible and travelling to the light-commercial areas of adjacent neighbourhoods is made possible with connections to numerous highways and a Light Rapid Transit (LRT) station located beside the main road. The strategic location and excellent accessibility of Bukit Jalil also contributed to the high demand for the property there.

With Bukit Jalil’s excellent connectivity, its earliest developments meant to accommodate athletes, and the neighbourhood later becoming a prime area for executives working at corporations based at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), there has been high demand for residential space in the area.

The properties in Bukit Jalil are largely condominiums and bungalows designed for the affluent, but the neighbourhood also hosts a sizable student population due to the presence of two major universities in the area: the International Medical University and the Asia Pacific University of Information and Technology.

Over the last 10 or so years, Bukit Jalil has developed from being a sporting hub centred around the National Stadium to a complete residential suburb touted as one of the prime property development locations for younger generations of buyers.

Prime residential developments coupled with education institutions such as the International Medical University (IMU) and Asia Pacific University (APU) have caused a shift in the demographics to younger, mid-to-high income earning levels of society.

Safety & Security

Overall, the crime statistics indicate that Bukit Jalil is a relatively safe area with negligible violent crime cases and generally low instances of crime. Despite the large coverage area, the police seem to have good control over criminal activities in the area – as the statistics show that there are significantly lower instances of crime in Bukit Jalil as compared to many of the neighbouring districts such as Puchong, Petaling Jaya, and Serdang.

Motor vehicle theft is still a concern in this area, possibly due to a number of reasons such as the layout of parking facilities or the types of cars owned by the residents of this area. One way to reduce motor vehicle theft is to park your vehicle in well-lit areas and to also add extra security features such as a brake lock or steering lock.

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