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Busting home ownership myths – Part #2

You have to do your own work and repairs

You have to do your own work and repairs

Owning your own home opens you up to become a plumber, electrician, lawn-mower, gardener, and more. If the idea of being a jack of all trades does not appeal to you, there are ample service providers to help you maintain your house – for a fee of course. Hands-on individuals, however, might enjoy the exertion. Consider it a step outside your comfort zone and an opportunity to cultivate new talents.

New homes are maintenance-free

Wrong, the workmanship of a developer determines the quality of the building and defects in newly made houses are not uncommon. Cracked walls, uneven floors, doors with missing hinges, scratches on countertops are just some of the common defects. Professional building inspectors can be hired to seek out these problems, which can then be rectified by the developer.

If you’re not entirely happy with the home you’re getting, or if you believe some parts of your home may not have met the specifications, put that sledgehammer down, list the defects, get a professional building inspector to back your claims, and provide the developer with a written notice detailing the defects within the liability period.

Building inspectors will find every problem

The best building inspectors may be unable to examine every inch of your home. Prudent house buyers should supplement these professional investigations with their own observations during the walkthrough with the inspector. It is advisable to be present during the home inspection.

Latent defects – the less obvious kind that may only become evident after some time has passed – will be more difficult to spot, which necessitates the trained eye of a professional building inspector to ensure that you get your new home in the best possible condition. Prevention is better than the cure.

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